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All services are A la Carte

All services include Shampoo and Style

Specialty Color

Dimensional Color

$230 & Up

Hair colouring technique that gives a really blended, natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines.


  • A Balayage Look
  • A dimensional look that gives you a sun-kissed look.
  • Low- maintenance color, requires a touch up service 2 or 3 times a year.

High Impact Color

$270 & Up

Hair coloring that leaves very little to no dimension in your hair.

This is a combination of a

Balayage and Ombre effect. Hair on the ends will be solid color keeping a soft blended look at the roots.

  • Requires a touch up 4+ times a year                 (more high maintenance)


Brunette Bombshell


$200 & Up

For guest who are Blonde or have highlights with dark roots and want to add back in darker dimension or go fully back to brunette.


*Prices are determine on hair length and density


Custom Color


The Makeover

$300 & Up

For guests who are unsatisfied with their color overall due to at-home color results or have multiple color bands (left pictures)a dramatic color change is needed. I'll work with you to achieve a blended, low maintenance color result.No vivid/fashion colors. 4+ hrs


Traditional Color 

Color Touch Up

$100 & Up

For guest who have been coloring grey or coloring natural hair darker and have less than 2" of grow-out.


*One Single Color (NO lightening or foils) Includes shampoo and style.


Color Touch UP

-All Over

$150 & Up

For guest who have been coloring their grey or natural color darker and have MORE THAN 2" grow-out or haven't had any color in  2+ months (8 weeks+)

You can expect a single shade of color root to tip.

*if you have previous color/highlighst and want to go back to one solid color the service you need is the Brunette Bombshell service.


Halo Glow
partial highlights

$165 & Up

For guest who have been receiving highlights every 6-12 weeks. You can expect blending blonding thought out the top crown and sides of the head. Adds dimension and ribbons of light and dark through part of the head.


Full Glow
full highlights


$200 & Up

You can expect blending blonding thought the crown, sides and back of the head (full head) Adds dimension and ribbons of light and dark throughout the head.


*I recommend a full highlight 3 times a year


*Prices are determine on hair length and density

The Basics

Signature Haircut

$70 & Up

For guests needing a cut using scissors shoulder length or longer. Includes shampoo and style.


*No clipper cuts or above the chin cuts.


Blowdry & Custom Gloss

$90 & Up

Perfect for maintaining your previous color &/or blonde 4-5 weeks after your initial color or lightening service.


This service includes a toner to enhance or neutralize any brassy tones and a blowout style


*Recommended for in between color  appointments.


(add on)

$14 & Up

The Glow

Instantly gives high shine and manageability to the hair.


A leave-in molecular repair mask that strengthens, soothes, and hydrates heat- and color-damaged hair.

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